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The sailfish is probably our favorite fish to catch in Stuart and the one we most often target. Book a Stuart, Florida sailfish charter today and come chase ’em with us! One of the most sought-after game fish in the world the sailfish is hailed for its blazing speed and incredible aerial acrobatics, while being highly regarded and targeted by seasoned and novice anglers alike. Known as the Sailfish Capital of the World, Stuart, Florida, offers fantastic opportunities to catch multiple fish in a single day, and anglers travel from all over the world to experience this fishery.

World Class Sailfish Fishing in Stuart, Florida

The Gulf Stream is located just a few miles outside of the St. Lucie inlet, allowing us to be on the fishing grounds just minutes after leaving the dock. These short runs in South Florida are rare in the offshore fishing world, we are very lucky to fish here.

While the winter migration offers the best chances for a multi-release day, we catch lots of sailfish in the warmer months as well, and the calmer weather in the summer usually allows more fishing days. The best months for multi-release days are November-January as the fish migrate south along our coast, searching for warmer waters. It is not uncommon to have double-digit releases when the bite gets hot and marauding packs of sailfish attack our spread. But, don’t discount the fun sailfish can provide in the summer, we catch a lot of them then too! We often catch mahi-mahi and tuna on the same trips. Experience the thrill of the awesome sailfish in Stuart, Florida, with the Florida Offshore Fishing Company.

Large sailfish being held by charter guests

Sailfish Fishing Tactics

We use several different fishing tactics on our Stuart, Florida sailfish charters, depending on the time of year, conditions, and what has worked well in the days leading up to your trip. 

This is catch-and-release fishing. It is all about the sport of finding, feeding and hooking, fighting, then releasing these awesome fish!

We work with Gray Taxidermy, who can provide you with a “release” mount. This is a perfect fiberglass representation of your catch, based on photographs, that looks better and will last longer than traditional skin mounts. Be sure to ask about this option on the day of your trip! 

Circle Hook Fishing for Sailfish

We fish for sailfish using circle hooks only. This benefits both angler and fish, resulting in higher hook-up ratios and lower mortality rates for released fish. Since the introduction of circle hook fishing, billfish survival rates have seen significant increases worldwide.

Dead Bait Trolling

Dead bait trolling for sailfish in the waters off Stuart, Florida, has been a proven method for many years. We troll dead baits rigged with circle hooks, allowing us to cover lots of ground and present our spread over a greater area. 

We fish rigged ballyhoo in a spread that includes two custom dredges fished off Gemlux dredge booms and Lingred-Pitman electric reels. This setup allows us to offer the same presentation as larger sportfish boats while fishing on a faster, more maneuverable, more fishable, center console boat. The electric reels allow us to easily and quickly position the heavy dredges or move them up out of the way when a fish is hooked. 

Dredge fishing is an unmatched way to lure high numbers of fish into the spread, and anyone serious about catching sailfish on the troll should only fish on a boat utilizing this technique. 

We will often employ surface teasers fished out of our Gemlux outriggers as well. The combination of dredges, teasers, and properly presented baits give us the best chances of luring sailfish into the spread and getting them to eat.

Live Bait Fishing

Live bait fishing is another proven tactic for Stuart, Florida sailfish. We’ll either use kites or bump troll circle hooked baits, depending on the weather conditions. While bump trolling, we use dredges and surface teasers, a similar strategy to our dead bait presentation. 

Kite fishing allows us to fish multiple lines off two separate kites, covering a vast swath of water and allowing just the live bait, a small portion of the leader, and the circle hook to be in the water. Most of the leader and main line are suspended out of the water, providing a super clean presentation. 

This is a very exciting way to fish. Often, you can watch a sailfish swim up to inspect the kite baits, and then eat if they are being cooperative. Then the fight is on! 

Our favorite live baits are goggle eyes, sardines, threadfin herrings, pilchards, and cigar minnows.

Come Fish With the Pros at Florida Offshore Fishing

Fishing for sailfish with live or dead bait rigged with circle hooks is a true art form. The proper technique involves dropping the bait back to an interested fish and letting the fish eat without feeling any line pressure, patiently waiting to set the hook at just the right time. 

Feeding a lit-up sailfish off a dredge or kite is an experience unlike any other in fishing; you can often see it all happen. Our professional staff can show you the proper way to do this, or you may have spent years perfecting your drop back. Either way, circle hook fishing for sailfish is one of the most exciting and rewarding fishing experiences you can have. Book your Stuart, Florida sailfish charter today!

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