Tuna Fishing Charters in Stuart, Florida

Tuna Fishing Charters in Stuart, Florida

Teenager and adult posing with Tuna caught offshore off of Stuart, Florida.

Stuart, Florida

The gulf stream waters off Stuart, Florida, offer excellent tuna fishing. Blackfin and yellowfin tuna are the most targeted species, but some skipjack, bigeye, and bluefin can be caught at times. 

Pound for pound, tuna are one of the strongest fish in the ocean, offering anglers a great fight, intense action when the bite is on, and incredible table fare. No sushi or sashimi in any restaurant can compare to the flavor of fresh tuna eaten just hours after being caught! Book your Stuart, Florida tuna fishing charter today!

Blackfin Tuna Fishing in Florida

Blackfin tuna can be caught off the coast of South Florida year-round. While a smaller species of tuna, these fish are a blast to catch and put up a great fight. Oftentimes, we encounter schools of these fish not far from the St. Lucie inlet, and it is not uncommon for every line to be hooked up at the same time, creating great chaos in the cockpit! It doesn’t get much more fun than that. 

We catch blackfin tuna on dead bait, live bait, and a variety of trolled lures. Come fish with the Florida Offshore Fishing Company on a half- or full-day offshore/pelagic charter, and let us put you on some fish!

While this is a year-round fishery, the biggest fish are caught during the spring migration. These fish are in the 20-40 pound class and provide great tuna steaks! When the bite is hot, it’s not uncommon to limit out on blackfin in just a short amount of time. Sailfish and mahi-mahi are also often caught while we are targeting blackfin tuna.

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Florida

Yellowfin tuna are one of the most targeted species in the ocean and are caught in waters in every part of the world. Known for their incredible power and fighting ability, there isn’t a better eating fish to be found. Check out this great tuna recipe!

During the spring and summer months, the yellowfin tuna fishing off the coast of Stuart, Florida, is as good as it gets anywhere. Found in deep water, typically 40-60 miles from the St. Lucie inlet, the east side of the Gulf Stream consistently offers fish in the 40-80 pound class with fish well over 100 pounds caught on a regular basis. 

Contact us to discuss putting an east-side yellowfin tuna trip together. Blue marlin are often encountered during these trips as well, making the longer runs well worth it!

Skipjack Tuna Fishing in Florida

We don’t specifically target skipjack tuna, as they are very unpredictable and hard to pattern, but they can be found mixed in with blackfin or yellowfin from time to time. 

These fish move very, very fast and can be there one day and gone the next! Usually found in deep water, these smaller tuna are great fun to catch and are great on the dinner plate as well.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing
in Florida

Bluefin tuna are another species that we occasionally encounter but don’t target because they are very rare and highly migratory. These huge fish can approach 1,000 pounds and are usually caught while swordfishing or marlin fishing. 

It’s a real treat to witness the power of these fish in person, and catching one would make any angler’s highlight list. They hit a bait like a freight train and take hours to get to the boat.

Bigeye Tuna Fishing
in Florida

Bigeye are another rare sight in South Florida. These fish love to stay deep, so you won’t catch them on surface baits or lures like other tuna. Occasionally, one is hooked on a deep swordfish bait and this can lead to an exciting battle. Like all tuna, bigeyes are great to eat.

Book a trip with the Florida Offshore Fishing Company today to fish for tuna out of Stuart, Florida!

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